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Little Star Fitness are very proud to be delivering the award winning FitNut Program to Little Star Fitness community and The British School of Amsterdam (BSA).

The FitNut program is all about coaching practical, fun & engaging fitness & nutrition sessions which are designed to promote healthy habits in students aged 2 – 12. Throughout the FitNut program the children get to experience a Superstar circuit training exercise sessions and hands on practical nutrition education with their very own smoothie to drink at the end of the session.

On a weekly basis, parents and the school are provided with updates on every session including an exercise focus and the sessions recipe with the benefits it provides.
Little Star Fitness together with FitNut believe that empowering the kids brings the message home to inspire the whole family to good health. And it works!
The FitNut program has delivered hundreds of success stories from even the fussiest eaters who are now encouraging their Mums, Dads, Grandparents and friends to eat healthier.

What does a FitNut Stars session look like…..
Overview of the class!!!!
PART 1 (5-10 minutes)
Children and/or parents learn in a fun educational environment about
How fruit and vegetable help our body to function (Adam Apple – an apple a day takes the toxins away)
Where they grow & colour (Adam apple grows on trees – colour of apples etc.)
What are the important vitamins (Adam apple has a lot of Fibre)
Children then get to juice the fruit and vegetables they just learnt about and get to stamp their passport.

PART 2 (40 minutes)
Warm up games followed by circuit exercises that both children and/or mama/papa get to enjoy and get a work out together (station 1 children on child size cross training machine and mama/papa doing jump lunges). We have approximately 12 stations.
Once all children and mama/papas have completed the circuit and warm down is conducted.

PART 3 – final and best part of class (5 minutes)
Children get to drink their delicious smoothie.

Each week the children learn about different fruits and get to experience different flavour smoothies and workouts.

The FitNut goal is to inspire a whole generation to understand that they can live better in tune with their bodies. We are on a fitness and nutrition mission and we want to tell everyone about it. So, share the healthy word Fitnutters, lets get young people Fitnutting all over the world.

Lynne Bogan, the master mind behind the FitNut program and Little Star Fitness’s team of coaches are focused on improving children’s health and fitness and will make it their mission to succeed.

Michelle Murphy-Founder
Chante Steenkamp-Owner LSF NL
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