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Our Cheer Squad in action…

Cheer Squad (3-12 years)

Cheer squad will be broken up into three groups, Mini Cheer Squad, Kinder Cheer Squad and Allstar Cheer Squad. Our high energy classes will focus not only on cheer concepts and techniques but also explore the children’s personal expression, rhythm, agility, teamwork and most importantly their self confidence. 

Mini Cheer Squad (3-4 years)

Our mini cheer squad will be involved in a variety of fun games to develop balance, movement, and motor skills related to cheer. Listening to instructions will also be a key element developed. During this class the basic Cheerleading skills such as jumps, cheers and motion techniques will be taught whilst the children will learn fun songs and chants.

Kinder Cheer Squad (5-6 years)

Our Kinder Cheer squad build upon their skills and techniques learnt in Mini Cheer squad. The main focus for this class will be balance and strength.  Fun games and group cheers are used to develop cheer skills in body control, projection, poise and confidence. Our Kinder Cheer Squad will develop their tumbling skills through proper shapes, technique and drills.

Allstar Cheer Squad (7-12 years)

Our Allstar Cheer Squad will incorporate both tumbling progressions and cheer fundamentals throughout this class. Our Allstars will work on basic progressions: forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, handstand drills, cart-wheels and round-offs. Students will also learn cheer motions, jumps, and stunts.

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